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The Association of Diving Club Doctors
of the Underwater Activity Commission – Poland

The Association of Diving Club Doctors associates over one hundred doctors, who have been working for many years in diving clubs and schools, belonging in the majority to the Underwater Activity Commission in Poland (member of CMAS), but obviously our medical activity extends over all divers.

The aim of this activity is working for the prevention of diving accidents and safety of diving and increase of knowledge and practical skills on the subject of diving physiology among divers and especially among instructors of diving and diving doctors.

Our members among others things do:

  • qualification for recreational diving (including handicapped divers)
  • medical protection for diving expeditions and training camps
  • diver’s education in the sphere of physiopathology of diving and premedical first aid.

The position of diving club doctor is open to any doctor who is signed up through the diving clubs in Poland on completion of two courses:

  • Medical qualification of divers for recreational diving at the Central Institute of Sport Medicine in Warsaw
  • Pathophysiology of Diving at the National Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine of the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine – Medical University of Gdansk

and after obtainment of the necessary certificate. For the qualification for handicapped divers it is necessary to complete a special additional course.



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